Top 5 Clubs that Generated Most Money from Player Sales in the Last Decade | See List


Football Clubs around the world make profit from different avenues in order to keep the club from running into administration.


Most clubs make their monies from ticket sales, sales of players during the transfer window, sales of Merchandise and so on.

The most monies made by football club is from the sale of players during transfer window either during the summer or winter. We have put together five top clubs that has the most monies generated from the sale of players, according to statistics from CIES Football Observatory.

(1) Chelsea ( £1.016 bn ):

The Premier League club are known for spending big whenever they go into the transfer window. They have also made some nice sales during the last decade which included, Eden Hazard who was sold to Real Madrid for £88 million, Belgium's goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois was also sold to Real Madrid for £35 million. The Blues sold Juan Mata to Manchester United for £37 million, while Tammy Abraham was sold to Roma for £38 million.

Other players on the listt include Alvaro Morata, David Luiz, Diego Costa, and Oscar.

(2) Monaco: ( £984 million ):

The French club have also made a lot of money in recent years but most notable was the sale of Kylian Mbappe to Real Madrid in 2017 for £166 million pounds, a record transfer fee as at the time. Another notable sale of players that brought a lot or revenue to the club includes; the duo of Benjamin Mendy and Bernardo Sliva to Manchester City for almost £100m. Other players on the list include; Tiemoue Bakayoko to Chelsea.

(3) Atletico Madrid ( £918 million):

The La Liga club has in the past nicknamed the supermarket of footballers during the transfer window. The Madrid club is known for selling players they have groomed for a huge amount whenever there is a transfer window. The notable players that have sold during the transfer window in the last decade include; Antoine Griezmann who was sold to Barcelona for £120 million, Sergio Aguero was sold to Manchester City for £45 million while Radamel Falcao was sold to Monaco for £60 million. Other players on the list include David De Gea, Thibaut Courtois, Ardan Turan.

(4) Real Madrid ( £912 million):

The Galacticos as they are usually called because of the array of football stars they have at the club. Real Madrid just like Chelsea are heavy spenders when it is time for the transfer window and they are sell players at a huge price whenever they want to sell players. The key names are the list of players sold include, Mesut Ozil who was sold to Arsenal in 2013 for £42 million, Higuain was also sold in the same season as the German for £30 million to Napoli and Angel Di Maria who was sold to Manchester United for £60 million.

(5) Juventus ( £908 million):

The Old Ladies as they are usually called completes the list for the top five clubs that generated money the most in the last decade. Alavaro Morata is one of the players that generated income for the Serie A club, he was sold to Real Madrid for £25 million in 2016. Arturo Vidal is also part of the list, he was sold to Barcelona for £34 million in 2015. France's midfielder, Paul Pogba can not be omitted from the list of players that brought in cash for the old Ladies, he was sold to Manchester United in 2017 for a record transfer fee of £90 million.