Pep Guardiola Evaluates Manchester City's Current Form


Pep Guardiola has spoken about the current form of Manchester City in recent weeks in the English Premier League.

Pep Guardiola vs Real Madrid
Pep Guardiola

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The Spaniard was speaking at a pre-match press conference ahead of the clash against Tottenham Hotspur at the Etihad Stadium He confirmed that the Arsenal team are better than his team at the moment but this is not the first time he is in this position.

The reason [for one shot on target in the last two games] is the creativity to play hasn't been as good as usual. Sometimes to have chances, you need a good build-up, spread the defensive lines. We struggle the last two games.

He also spoke about what must be done to reduce the points between his team and the Gunners.

It's better [being eight points ahead], you can drop points. If you are behind you cannot drop points. Pressure is next game, we can't think about it other to win the next. After the conditions dictate, if they're good in all departments they'll be there. They [Arsenal] are better than us so far. Many games to play. Don't think about it, catch Liverpool who were in front in the last years, just think the next game and see what happens.

Manchester City were in the same situation last season when they played second fiddle to Liverpool for most of last season. They were eventually crowned Champions at the end of last season.