Mauricio Pochettino explains Nicolas Jackson's poor form


Chelsea's head coach, Mauricio Pochettino has defended the poor form of Nicolas Jackson following the backlash he received from Allan Shearer.

The Senegalese international, Nicolas Jackson has been scrutinized by Chelsea supporters and neutral fans around the world and the game against Brentford was not different. Allan Shearer blasted the Chelsea forward player for his lack of positioning in most of the games this season.

Pochettino threw his support behind Jackson in a pre-match press conference ahead of the Carabao Cup game against Blackburn Rovers.

"If you watch the game against Liverpool, Dortmund or Luton, in different circumstances, he’s a different player. It is dangerous to make this analysis on one game. Nico was not at his best, but if you watch him in other games he’s one player, if you see [the] Brentford [game] he’s another player. We have to be fair with our analysis, we need to give time to him. I believe in him.''

This is what Shearer said after the game against Brentford at Stamford Bridge.

"To be more prolific you have to get yourself into scoring positions. There was a complete lack of movement from him today. Sometimes you have to make the run for the defender and yourself. He looks very raw and at times unsure of what to do. He is just waiting for something to happen, you have to do it yourself sometimes. You've got to work, you've got to make defenders work, you've got to try to pull them around. Goalscorers don't hang around at the edge of the box like he does. He's got to accept that the ball comes in, it's his job to get on the end of it. They were never, ever going to score today with that. It looks as if he needs a lot of help in that position.''

Chelsea supporters will hope Jackson finds his goal-scoring form as the season progresses.