Luton Town release official statement regarding Tom Lockyer's collapse on the pitch


Premier league side Luton Town has released an official statement regarding the collapse of the club's captain Tom Lockyer on the pitch after sustaining a head injury.

The statement which was shared on social media after the confirmation that the Bournemouth vs Luton Town fixture had been postponed confirmed that Tom Lockyer is responding to treatment after his initial collapse during the game.

The statement read, "We all hope and pray for our leader and captain Tom Lockyer, who is thankfully responsive and has been taken to hospital. We don’t know the full extent of what happened and what the next steps are at this stage, but we thank Bournemouth and the medical staff on both sides for their immediate response, which was absolutely amazing. We are sorry to all supporters present that players from both sides were in no state of mind to continue with the game after seeing their much-loved team-mate and friend taken off like that, and staff could not carry on with managing the game in such circumstances having had to deal with the situation. We thank everyone for the wonderful applause and singing of Locks’ name inside the stadium at such a difficult time. Now is the time for all of our players, staff and supporters to come together as we always do and give our love and support to Tom and his family. Our thoughts are with him and them all."

Here is why the Bournemouth vs Luton Town premier league fixture was abandoned

The premier league fixture, Bournemouth vs Luton Town has been abandoned following an incident involving a player on the pitch.

The official announcement was made by the premier league via the official website after Luton Town captain Tom Lockyer collapsed on the pitch after sustaining a head injury on the pitch.

When the incident happened, the players were escorted off the pitch and the premier league released a preliminary statement that read, "The players at Vitality Stadium have gone down the tunnel and the match has been suspended. This is due to dealing with a player medical incident."

Tom Lockyer who recently had a heart surgery and was given the all-clear to return to playing in June 2023. The captain was however confirmed to be alert and responsive on his way to the hospital.

The premier league official statement according to BBC News read, "The match between AFC Bournemouth and Luton Town FC has been abandoned due to a player medical incident. Our thoughts are with Tom Lockyer and all players involved in today's match."

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