Jose Mourinho sends cryptic message to his critics


The manager of AS Roma, Jose Mourinho has reacted to the criticism that he has received in the past few seasons as it concerns his style of coaching.

The Portuguese International was speaking in an interview where he was speaking about how Romelu Lukaku has started in a fantastic form at the Serie A club. Jose Mourinho have been accused of destroying the lives of players that come under him.

"At least people now can’t accuse me of not helping Lukaku to score goals he can score goals here at Roma but also at Man United or Inter. I am not someone who destroys player’s quality."

He has also brought out the best in some of the players who joined him at Roma aside Lukaku. These players ( Tammy Abraham, Nemanja Matic, Paulo Dybala) had struggled in their previous clubs but they have been flourishing since they joined the Portuguese international.

Mourinho has also been a good addition to Roma having helped them to end their trophy drought in his first season as the manager of the club leading them to win the UEFA Conference league. He also reached the final of the Europa League in his second season but he lost the game controversially to Sevilla.