Jenni Hermoso takes decision against Spanish FA President for kissing her


The captain of the Spanish women's national team, Jenni Hermoso is set to file a sanction against the President of her country's football association.

The union representing Jenni Hermoso released a statement confirming that she will pursue sanctions against Luis Rubiales for kissing her during the medal presentation of the FIFA Women's World Cup which was hosted in New Zealand and Australia. The FA President's decision to kiss her on the lips has sparked a lot of controversy around the world.

''It is essential that our team is represented by figures who project their values of equality and respect in all areas''

Rubiales has already apologised to the player and admitted that he was wrong following his decision to kiss her.

"I was completely wrong, I have to admit it. It was without bad intention at a time with a lot of excitement. In the moment, we saw it as natural, but outside a commotion has formed. I have to apologise, learn from this, and understand that when you are president you have to be more careful."

Rubiales has been criticised by some Spanish government ministers and has been scrutinized on social media.

Here are some of the talking points made by the Union

"We express our resounding condemnation of behaviors that violate women's dignity"

"We ask you (RFEF) implement necessary protocols, ensure our players' rights, adopt exemplary measures"

"We call on the CSD to intervene against sexual abuse, machismo, sexism"