Forbes Announces A New Black Billionaire Athlete


American business magazine Forbes has officially announced a new athlete that has attained the billionaire status.

Forbes Billionaire Athlete
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Influential American business magazine Forbes took to its platforms on Thursday, June 3, 2022, to announce another athlete who has attained a billionaire status.

Lebron James of the LA Lakers has been announced to have a net worth of one billion dollars due to notable investments. With over 300 million dollars of assets in the movie industry; Sports investments of over 90 million dollars in English football club Liverpool, baseball team Boston Red Sox, Ice Hockey team Pittsburgh Penguins; Pizza Chains, Head phones and his salary at LA Lakers, which is estimated to be 41 million dollars in the 2021/2022 NBA season.

According to daily mail UK, Lebron James, who is a 4 time NBA champion and the 4-time league MVP winner, achieved the status as the second athlete alive to be a billionaire.

Lebron James is now the first active NBA star to achieve billionaire status, joining the late Kobe Bryant and Micheal Jordan, who did so after retiring.

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