Eddie Howe Shares His Opinion on Cristiano Ronaldo Joining Newcastle United


The manager of Newcastle United, Eddie Howe is yet to speak on the recent news making the round that Cristiano Ronaldo might be joining the Magpies next season.

Ronaldo Al-Nassr
Cristiano Ronaldo

However, Howe had in the past shared his opinion on what thinks about the possibility of Ronaldo joining his club, according to Mirror Football. There are reports that the former Manchester United player has a clause in his contract with will see him join the Magpies if they qualify for the UEFA Champions League.

Sometimes in October 2022 just a few weeks before the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup, he said;

We are trying to provide long-term growth, we've got a longer-term vision. At the moment, we have quite an ageing squad, so we probably need to invest in more young players. That's probably a big part of our progression, really. We need to get the average age down, so it might not be a signing [Ronaldo] that we would necessarily look to make but not under-estimating the quality of the player. His career when you look at the numbers and it's been highlighted again because he scored his 700th goal just how good his record is, how good his career has been the quality of the player is unquestionable. He's an outstanding player. You look at his goal record last year – that was incredible, so for me, the transfer has worked, it's been a success. He got massive goals last year and some really late, important goals in the Champions League, so I think he's still an outstanding player and it should never be underestimated what he's done in the game.

Ronaldo will hope that Newcastle qualifies for the Champions League so he can play in the competition he loves the most.