X.O Senavoe - "Messy/Messi" (Black & Yellow Freestyle)


X.O Senavoe - "Messy/Messi" (Black & Yellow Freestyle)

Brand new freestyle from X.O Senavoe, the man who brought us the addictive "The Power" track produced by Kid Konnect. He drops his barz on Wiz Khalifa's 'Black & Yellow' instrumental and switches up his flow which I feel displays his versatility as a rapper.

As usual he articulates and drops some catchy lines which are delivered playfully and in high energy. Expect a new single from X.O shortly!!!

"Wetin I no fit do? Find me on the Oleku remix with Ice faster than Kanye 'Runaway' from that Pheonix/And on the beat, I'm like a T-Rex/I dine 'n soar (dinosaur) - higher than Whitney Houston's voice when she's me in a v-neck"