7 'To Be Continued' African Music Videos That Never Continued



Have you ever had to endure a bad breakup? Not the sad-for-a-few-days-but-can-still-function-and-eventually-find-a-rebound-fling situation; I mean the totally devastated, eating tub(s) of ice cream, glued to the couch, have not showered in three days, empty wine bottles decorating your living room floor type of breakup. Of course I am not speaking from personal experience…but from a hypothetical standpoint, breakups end rather horrific because they conclude without CLOSURE. There are left so many whys, how comes, what ifs, and what nexts. Well, the same sentiments can be expressed toward Afro-pop artistes and their respective African music videographers.

How many times have we all watched an incredible music video that ends in “To Be Continued…” but never is there a part 2? What if movies followed the same formula as music videos? Imagine if the Nollywood classic, "Beyonce: The President's Daughter," concluded with just part 1! There would be so many questions left unanswered! Does Ciara ever get proper facial reconstruction surgery? Does Beyonce finally end up with Raj? Does Raj ever find true happiness with the woman he loves? Well, thankfully, those questions were answered in the sequel. It is too bad that music videos do not have the same likelihood of continuity as Nollywood. We all probably can relate to being left hanging at the way a video ended because it did not provide us with necessary answers. Here are a few of my favorites along with questions that need answering!

All of You by Davido:

After the woman sneaks off in the morning with Davido’s belongings, does he ever get his stuff back? Does Davido file a police report or does he believe in the no snitching street code? Does he run into the thief later that day or even later in life? Ah Sesan! You must explain am!

Gobé by Davido:

Is Davido tortured to death by the grey bearded antagonist or does the latter have mercy and let him go? Whilst the torturing is occurring, where is Davido’s entourage? Chairman Adewale? Where’s Shizzi? Maybe when Davido yells his signature “Shizzi” drop at the end of the song, he’s actually crying for help!

Maserati by Shatta Wale:

What type of business was being conducted chalé? I was scared for Shatta Wale for a second! All those serious faces and Italian opera music in the background; glad everyone shook hands and the SM boss was happy with the outcome. Will Shatta Wale do business with that gentleman again?


Rihanna by Orezi:

After the bashment party, where do Orezi and Miss “Rihanna” drive off to in the Lamborghini? Do they hit an after party? Perhaps, a more- ahem -private after party? What’s Miss “Rihanna’s” real name? She dey Naija abi?


Make Me Sing by Diamond Platnumz & AKA:

After the police make the bust, who keeps the money? Do the girls run off with it? Do the officers collect it as evidence or keep it for themselves? How many years in prison do AKA and Diamond Platnumz get for their crime...or does the African duo escape from prison like El Chapo? If Director Nicky uses that plot twist for the sequel, be sure to credit me for the concept!

Super Woman by Wande Coal:

After the police raid the home, was there enough evidence to convict the boyfriend? In light of recent police brutality and shootings, was justice served for the shooting of the girlfriend? Is she in critical condition or did she die, unfortunately? Jesu Chrisi! We need answers Moe Musa!

Hello by MC Galaxy:

After the wedding, does MC Galaxy have a family. How many children? Any twins? Kehinde & Taiwo? Is MC Galaxy still a palm wine tapper or does he inherit some of his new family’s fortune? We may never know. Sigh!