Victor Thompson remixes 'This Year (Blessings)' with Gunna and Ehis 'D' Greatest


When we reflect upon the things we never thought would happen, one occurrence that undeniably claims a prominent spot on that list is the emergence of Gunna on a gospel song deeply rooted in Afrobeats.

Many of us, including myself, couldn't have anticipated such an unexpected fusion. Yet, I can't help but express my delight in witnessing this remarkable occurrence.

The union between Gunna and gospel singer Victor Thompson might initially strike us as a random pairing, but the outcome is nothing short of amazing. Just days after Gunna brought Victor Thompson to the stage for a soul-stirring performance at his sold-out concert in Los Angeles, these two artists decided to collaborate, along with Ehis 'D' Greatest, on the remix of the hit single, This Year (Blessings).

This Year (Blessings) is a track that revolves around the exaltation of the mighty name of God and a heartfelt expression of gratitude. Gunna, too, has his thanks to offer, and he seamlessly delivers his verses over the beautiful instrumental. The masterpiece was co-produced by a team of talented individuals, including Samuel Odey, Kevwe Okpidama, Olaleke Korede Dominion.

Listen to This Year (Blessings) remix here.