Tee-Q - Skempele


Tee-Q - Skempele

"Tee-Q whose real name is Adeyanju Taofeeq is a 21 year old talented singer and song writer currently signed under SME (Shark Music Empire) owned by the renowned Bamidelebami.

Tee-Q is an admirable individual that is driven by social happenings around him which leads him to express himself and also deliver a message that youths are all yearning for through his music. Tee-Q's adventure into music started when he was eight while he sang melodiously in school choir and was easily noticed among his peers. Tee-Q is a talented afro pop singer,songwriter and performer. Tee-Q is a bundle of talents good looks and has charisma which has endeared him to the ladies but in whatever he does respect comes first and always."


Tee-Q Skempele Art

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