Str8Buttah ft Waje - I Dey Feel You


The Goretti Company has entered a partnership with Clarence Peters' Capital to release a series of mixtapes from illbliss, suspect and other artists.

This is the second single off the currently-untitled Capital Mix Cd. The song is called "I DEY FEEL YOU". STR8BUTTAH FT WAJE. PRODUCED BY SUSPECT. Str8 Buttah is a Lagos-based collective of MCs – Teckzilla, XYZ, R-Cube, Deck the Nexus, Enigma and Rae – an amalgamation of crews and solo artistes that frequently interacted in the Lagos underground scene in the early 00’s, united by mutual respect, time-tested friendships and their undying love for hip-hop. Waje (DO ME) is currently working on some brand new tracks and getting set to drop her album.

.......Clarence Peters!


STR8 Buttah