Snatcha teams up with Echow Clay in Afrobeat tune, 'Constantly'


Multi-award-winning Rap icon Snatcha returns with a smooth Afro-Gospel vibe tagged Constantly featuring Echow Clay.
Snatcha, who is also one half of iconic rap duo, Rooftop Mcs, has been on a roll lately dropping hit song after song and one theme has been constant: God’s Never Failing Love and how that has been evident in his life even through the darkest of times.

Produced by Rehmaz, The new single, Constantly declares that God’s Love for us is forever constant and because He’s got us in His hands, we have absolutely nothing to worry about.

This new single is definitely a vibe and an anthem as we go towards the end of the year cos we can rest assured that God’s love is not seasonal, He loves us CONSTANTLY.

The song is available now on all streaming platforms.



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Yeah Yeah
Oh yeah yeah
O por yeah yeah

Omo Con-stant-ly
I tell them it is Con-stant-ly
The kind of love you show to me
Yeah Yeah
Exceedingly, far more abundantly, all I ever ask and more
You give and more

You got me in your hands, hands
Ooo yeah

You got me in your hands, hands
Ooo yeah

You can tell that I vibe with God heavy
So in sync, He's my rock so steady
We gat this thing that we do on a daily
I think about his goodness, I just cry like a baby
His love is so plenty and it's Con-stant-ly
Never Failing, So Con-stant-ly
O dun, o tu fata si

I'm living in a fantasy and it's plain to see
That I'm firm in your hands
Deep in your plans

Your love I advance in this precious romance
I'm glad that I'm yours
Of course you are mine
E dey do me like trance
You're the reason I dance
And e sure, e sure, e sure well well

E balance ha ha, e sure well
What I put for your hands secure well well

This love wey you show
e pure well well

O por yeah yeah

Con-stant-ly, So Con-stant-ly
O dun, o tu fata si

Con-stant-ly, Your Love So Con-stant-ly
O dun, o tu fata si