Rema Enhances The 'Rave & Roses' Experience With an Ultra (Deluxe) Edition: Listen


Rema has finally released "Rave & Roses" ultra (deluxe edition). He adds new songs to the acclaimed body of work in a bid to gift listeners an enjoyable listening experience.

Over the course of the last 13 to 14 months, an epoch of paramount significance has unfolded for Rema, marked by a series of extraordinary achievements that have propelled him to unprecedented heights in the realm of the music industry. The genesis of this remarkable period can be traced far back to his debut eponymous EP, and most importantly, the release of his highly successful debut album, 'Rave & Roses,' a monumental opus that transcended conventional boundaries and propelled him into a realm of massive recognition and acclaim.

Since the album's release, Rema has shattered established records and set new standards, cementing his status as a force to be reckoned with, and the king of the new school in the music industry. Notably, 'Rave & Roses' etched its indelible mark in history by attaining the distinction of being the most streamed Nigerian debut album of all time on Spotify. This monumental feat stands as a testament to the album's widespread resonance and the unrivalled appeal of Rema's musical prowess.

Within the vast expanse of 'Rave & Roses,' one particular composition has emerged as a veritable sensation, capturing the collective imagination of audiences worldwide. The resounding success of "Calm Down," the album's standout track, has reverberated across the globe, manifesting itself in a deluge of platinum and gold certifications in various countries. Furthermore, its accompanying music video has achieved an unprecedented milestone, solidifying its status as the most viewed Afrobeats music video of all time on YouTube, amassing a staggering 444 million views.

However, the triumphs associated with "Calm Down" extend far beyond accolades and view counts. In a groundbreaking convergence of musical talent, the remix of this exceptional composition, featuring the pop culture icon, Selena Gomez, propelled the sonic experience to uncharted territories, transcending boundaries and surpassing all expectations. This remarkable collaboration achieved a historic peak position of No. 6 on the revered Billboard Hot 100 chart, an accomplishment that attests to the song's resounding impact on the global music scene.

The resounding success of "Calm Down" and its groundbreaking remix with Selena Gomez has catalyzed an unprecedented surge in streaming activity, culminating in a staggering milestone. The combined streams of both versions of the song have eclipsed the one-billion mark on the esteemed platform of Spotify, solidifying Rema's status as a trailblazer and record-breaker of extraordinary proportions.

Rema (Divine Ikubor) | Photo Credit: Richie Igunma
Rema (Divine Ikubor) | Photo Credit: Richie Igunma

Today, in a testament to his unyielding dedication to his craft and commitment to his ardent fanbase, Rema has made the strategic decision to unveil an enhanced iteration of the seminal 'Rave & Roses' album, an ultra (deluxe) edition. This revitalized incarnation of the album will not only feature the previously released transformative remix of "Calm Down" with Selena Gomez, Holiday, and Reason You, but will also introduce the new tracks, namely "Charm," "Hov," and "Dunno Me."

Up next, Rema has announced his forthcoming venture: an expansive American Tour that will traverse the major cities of the United States and Canada, igniting stages with his reputably captivating performances. But Rema's ambitions doesn't stop there, he envisions a journey that transcends borders, encompassing the very fabric of our diverse planet. As the world becomes his stage, he unveils plans for a resplendent World Tour, in a harmonious celebration of music's universal language. This veritable odyssey commences with the resounding proclamation of tour dates in India and Jerusalem, destinations that bear witness to the unprecedented success of his songs, most notably the ineffable "Calm Down," which has resonated with an astronomical fervour within these regions.

The significance of this venture cannot be understated, for Rema's decision to embark upon a tour of India and Jerusalem represents an extraordinary milestone, a testament to the transcendent power of his music and the indelible impact he has made on listeners across cultures and borders. This tour serves as a trailblazing venture, the first of its kind, as Rema embraces his role as a cultural ambassador, bridging divides and forging connections through his musical artistry.

Meanwhile, listen to Rave & Roses Ultra (deluxe) here.