Meaku ft Kene - Sorry


Here is a new one from Meaku apologizing to Mary Marie. The background story of how this song came about is as follows:

'Meaku: To sum it up.. My boy Kene lost his girl due to several mistakes he made throughout their off and on relationship.

Kene: "We both started off young.. I definitely was not mature enough to deal with the relationship... Unfortunately she got fed up and left. I've realized my mistakes, I've made my changes, but it seems that i am a little too late. I reached out to one of my close friends Meaku to help me retrieve her, and we went in the studio, and created this. Hopefully this will get to her, hopefully this will touch her. I've let my pride down, I know I messed up.. I want the world to know that.. I just pray that she gives me another chance..'

For a man to go through all this to get his ex-Lady back requires a lot of humility and true love. Mary please take Kene back, he is truly sorry.