Mazi Floss impresses with new single 'Kelechi'


In the aftermath of the success of his recent impressive single, Can't Stop My Shine, which has reverberated across social media platforms, Mazi Floss swiftly unfurls another dynamic release titled, Kelechi. This rapid succession of impressive tracks underscores Mazi Floss's versatility and attests to his unwavering wellspring of creative vigor.

Kelechi, translating to "Thank God" in Igbo, stands as a lyrical embodiment of gratitude and joy, seamlessly blending traditional elements with contemporary sounds characteristic of Mazi's distinct style. Beyond its catchy beats and uplifting lyrics, the track represents a musical tapestry that is poised to enthrall both dedicated fans and those newly initiated into the Mazi Floss experience. The artist's unique fusion of storytelling prowess, coupled with infectious rhythms, extends an invitation to a sonic journey that not only resonates with the heart but also compels the body to move in rhythmic harmony.

Far more than a mere addition to Mazi Floss's growing discography, Kelechi emerges as a vibrant celebration of cultural roots and personal evolution. The fusion of groovy instrumentals with Mazi's compelling vocals transforms this single into an anthem of gratitude, attesting to the unifying power that music holds.

As the beats of Kelechi echo, Mazi Floss masterfully weaves a narrative that not only acknowledges the richness of heritage but also celebrates the journey of self-discovery and thanksgiving. This track is a testament to the profound impact that music can have in bringing people together in a joyous, harmonious celebration of life.

Kelechi is produced by talented beatmaker, Richie.

Listen to Kelechi here.