Maye Hunta breaks hiatus with new single 'Oju (Come & Do)'


Nigerian artist Maye Hunta has emerged from a deliberate break in the Afrobeats music scene with his latest release, Oju (Come & Do).

The infectious tune, infused with classic DNA, exhibits the artist's artistic growth and offers a vivid portrayal of the significance of body language in romantic relationships.

Following his hiatus, Maye Hunta's return to the music scene signifies his desire to create music on his own terms. Oju (Come & Do) serves as an indication of his creative vision and ability to deliver captivating melodies and lyrics that resonate with listeners. The track effortlessly paints a perfect picture of the unspoken language that exists between individuals involved in a romantic connection.

Maye Hunta's distinctive sound, combined with his innate storytelling abilities, elevates the song to new heights. The artist effectively captures the nuances of body language, highlighting its profound impact on the dynamics and depth of romantic relationships. With this release, Maye Hunta reaffirms his position as a talented storyteller within the Nigerian music industry.

In addition to the exciting release of Oju, Maye Hunta has also brought news of an upcoming EP. The highly anticipated project promises to include the long-awaited sequel to his song, Ekaette. Fans can anticipate the continuation of the beloved track, and Maye Hunta's forthcoming EP is expected to deliver an exceptional musical experience that builds upon the success of its predecessor.

Listen to Oju (Come & Do) here.