Kcee enlists Oxlade for vibrant new single 'I Pray'


Kcee and Oxlade Song

Nigerian music veteran, Kcee has joined forces with the exceptionally talented singer-songwriter, Oxlade, on a compelling new single titled, I Pray. This collaborative effort do not only bring together two distinct voices in the music industry but also reintroduces an exciting fusion of sounds that has once ignited the music scene.

As a veteran in the Nigerian music scene, Kcee has consistently showcased his ability to adapt to the latest trends and infuse his signature style into various genres. In this instance, he ventures into the captivating world of ojapiano, a subgenre influenced by the popular Amapiano sound and the traditional Oja music. Kcee's prior works, Ojapiano and Ojaginger, laid the foundation for this unique blend of sounds, and the all-new I Pray follows suit by continuing this engaging musical journey.

I Pray encapsulates the essence of the ojapiano wave, offering a vibrant and infectious melody that is quite impossible to resist. Kcee's distinctive style is at the forefront, characterized by his charismatic delivery and knack for crafting catchy hooks. His vocal prowess shines through, creating an irresistible synergy with Oxlade, whose sultry and emotive vocals provide the perfect complement to the track.

The song's production is helmed by the skilled and trusted producer, JaySynths, who has consistently demonstrated an innate understanding of how to bring out the best in every artist he works with. His ability to craft the perfect sonic landscape for I Pray elevates the song to new heights, ensuring that it encapsulates the essence of ojapiano wave while maintaining a fresh sound.

Listen to I Pray here.