"I don't do family business ... It's not healthy" - Peter Okoye

Peter Okoye

Peter Okoye

Nigerian famous upcoming artiste, Peter Okoye has revealed that he does not regret revealing the problems of his family to the world and there is nothing wrong in him doing that because he believes he owes that to his fans who would've seen through them sooner rather than later.

He went further t state that he couldn't continue with the "mess" and while his relationship with his brothers might not be as good as it was, it is certainly not as bad as most people think it to be.

The Cool It Down singer revealed this in an interview with Guardian Life where he stated in these exact words;

"If I hadn't opened up, the fans would have seen through it all... The only thing that kept us for the last four years was the shows; it's not healthy, I can't do that, I'm sorry.

"It never started from me. If you feel that it is my fault, for telling you guys the truth, look at where it has brought us today.

"I am cool with my brothers but I don't do (family) business anymore. It's not healthy," 

This statement is very different from a previous statement the singer had made earlier stating the only reason he can come back as a duo with his brother again.