Fireboy DML renders new singles, 'Obaa Sima' and 'Outside' feat. Blaqbonez


Amidst the undeniably chilly landscape of his 2023 journey, YBNL singer-songwriter, Fireboy DML, has managed to impress the fans, despite the relatively subdued nature of his year. Determined to inject a burst of warmth and energy into the trajectory of his musical narrative, Fireboy unveils a duo of scorching singles, namely: Obaa Sima and Outside, the latter featuring his colleague, Blaqbonez.

Obaa Sima, a sonic escapade sees Fireboy DML take an exhilarating detour into the realm of amapiano, infusing the track with a vibrant, carefree spirit. Expressing sentiments of joy and vivacity, the singer beckons his audience with the heartfelt proclamation, "we no go dey forever, so better love me now or never." The narrative centers around a plea for affection directed towards his love interest, Obaa Sima, as Fireboy DML exudes happiness and a sense of urgency. Reuniting with the masterful touch of Pheelz, and joined by the creative forces of Bassiqally and NxRthmix, the collaboration results in a piece that resonates with both emotion and groove.

Transitioning seamlessly to Outside, a collaboration featuring the super talented Blaqbonez, Fireboy DML shifts gears while maintaining an infectious vibrancy. Teaming up with the prolific hitmaker, Magisticks, alongside Bassiqally and NxRthmix for the production, Fireboy paints a vivid picture of embracing life's pleasures to the fullest. The lyrics capture an unyielding zest for existence, as he declares, "Catch me outside tonight, out here with all my guys, I'm never satisfied but I still love my life." Despite life's uncertainty, Fireboy DML unapologetically revels in the enjoyment of life.

Blaqbonez, true to his reputation, elevates the track, Outside, with a remarkable verse, seamlessly intertwining his lyrics with the vibrant energy exuded by Fireboy. Together, they create a very captivating piece. As Obaa Sima and Outside permeate the airwaves, Fireboy DML showcases his versatility once again and reaffirms his status as a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian music scene.

Listen to Obaa Sima and Outside here.