EXCLUSIVE: AQ - Press Release + Past2Present


EXCLUSIVE: AQ - Press Release + Past2Present

I posted a controversial track from AQ  about 2 weeks ago and rumors have been flying around that he is dissing for fame. Well, here is a press release from him plus a track to cool down talks. Abi to add more petrol to fire?

And here is another cracking rap track  from AQ titled Past2present done over Jamix's "Omo naija" beat. I'd like to think about it as an Omo Naija remake with AQ spittn flames on it. This dude nor send, what do you guyz think?

- Lalaboiy


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[audio:http://www.notjustok.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Past2Present-3.mp3|titles=Past2Present 3]

AQ addresses Jesse Jagz and Ruggedman Comment/ Purported Feud, To
Release A Record/Song To Collaborate.

"I was just calling it as I saw it, dude [Jesse Jagz] uses autotune
and he uses it well, so why all fuss" A-Q said, A-Q released his
recent single 'names' earlier in the year and reports of feud with
Jesse jagz and Ruggedman followed. “We don't say autotone, we say
Jesse Jagz' track [and] we don't say whack, we say Ruggedman's back",
A-Q rapped in the third verse for the single 'names'.

“I'd say it as it is but it is all love", the outspoken rap artiste said.

A-Q's recording career started in 2001 when he released the reportedly
controversial '(W)rap Up Nigeria' track off his debut 'Listen and
Overstand' LP. Ever since, he has worked with several fast rising
artistes and producers from Morachi, Terry Tha Rapman, Laylow,
Sossick, Frenzy to Kraft. His last record was 'Love and Money' mixtape
which featured Terry Tha Rapman, Morachi and several other fast rising
artistes. The Mixtape remains the very first compilation to parade
premium production from Sossick, Frenzy, Laylow, Kraft and it was
given to fans free of charge.

“What we have on the track is my very honest opinion on what I thought
of Jesse Jagz and Ruggedman" AQ, born Gilbert Usen said about the
track. “As much as I am a rap artiste, I'm still a fan but I have
never being a fan of  Ruggedman, clearly I wouldn't say he is dope and
for [Jesse] Jagz, I totally didn't diss him - he sings better than he
raps. He has been singing half the time he raps and he does it with a
vocoder/autotone, It was a very plain comment. " he added.

“If it makes any difference, let me say I dance to his songs when it
comes on in the club' he included.

“It is not in character any more to give props to whom it is due and
tell otherwise when it is not good music, If Jesse Jagz release a good
rap record, I would rap about him being the greatest but as at when I
recorded 'names' and till date, he sings with the autotone software"
he further said.

"In the case of Ruggedman, that was pretty much not misconstrued. He
is whack and I'd make another record saying so if need be", he

AQ is working on a mixtape 'Bars and Hooks' which he plans to have it
be hosted by DJ Jimmy Jatt. The mixtape would feature a track where he
would address the situation with Ruggedman and Jesse Jagz. The mixtape
would follow before his album titled 'The Past, Present and Future'
for release before the end of the year 2010.