Wizkid drops 'S2 (Soundman 2)' EP feat. Wande Coal and Zlatan


When Wizkid teased the release of his new EP earlier this week, skepticism was the initial reaction from many fans. Given his history of making promises about new music that didn't materialize, it was easy to dismiss this latest announcement as yet another false alarm. However, defying expectations and proving the doubters wrong, Wizkid has indeed delivered on his promise this time, unveiling the highly anticipated S2 (Soundman 2) EP to the world.

This latest offering from Wizkid is a compact yet impactful collection, a follow-up to the previous version, Soundman Vol. 1, consisting of four tracks that exhibits continued relevance in the ever-changing music scene. Each song in the EP is showcases Wizkid's ability to blend different sounds and create something unique and captivating.

In S2 (Soundman 2), Wizkid isn't just going solo; he brings together a brief lineup of collaborators. Notably, the EP features Wande Coal, who's been a regular collaborator of Wizkid since day one. Adding to this rich mix is the highly versatile Zlatan who has had an amazing year in 2023. His unique approach and energetic delivery add an extra layer of dynamism to the track 4 'IDK' they collaborated on.

The production quality of S2 (Soundman Vol. 2) is another area where the EP shines. P. Prime, renowned for his exceptional production skills, plays a pivotal role in shaping the sound of the EP. He is credited with producing three out of the four tracks, leaving his mark on each piece. His contributions are complemented by the work of other talented producers who have been brought on board for this project. These include Olajumoke Olayiwola, Bigfish, and The Elements.

Listen to the S2 EP here.