Qing Madi offers the deluxe edition of her eponymous debut EP: Listen


Just clocking 18 years old, Qing Madi is already a force to be reckoned with in the Afrobeats scene. Last year, she dropped one of the best Afrobeats projects in the last few years - her self-titled debut EP, a project that sent shockwaves through the industry and established her as a star. Now, Qing Madi is revisiting her debut with a deluxe edition, proving that good things can indeed get even better.

The original Qing Madi EP was a revelation. Tracks like Ole featuring Bnxn, Vision (Remix) featuring Cloe Baily, and American Love showcased a captivating blend of youthful energy, soulful vocals, and contagious Afrobeats rhythms. The EP was praised as one of the best Afrobeats projects in recent years, testifying to Qing Madi's raw talent and potential. Her meteoric rise to stardom was a well-deserved consequence of her exceptional artistry.

To celebrate her recent birthday as she turns 18, Qing Madi has released the deluxe edition of her debut EP. The expanded version features two brand new tracks – YBIL (You Believe in Love) featuring the illustrious Kizz Daniel and Sins For U. These new additions offer a glimpse into Qing Madi's artistic maturation. Collaborating with a star like Kizz Daniel sees her growing confidence, while Sins For U could hint at a more personal and romantic direction.

The deluxe edition of Qing Madi further emphasizes the sheer brilliance of this young artist. Her ability to blend captivating melodies with engaging lyrics is truly remarkable. The brand-new deluxe edition is an exhibition of Qing Madi's immense talent and boundless potential.

At such a young age, Qing Madi has already achieved so much. The success of her debut EP, coupled with the excitement surrounding the deluxe edition, paints a vivid picture of a bright future ahead. Her huge talent and devotion to the music, suggests a path towards superstardom. Qing Madi is a force to be reckoned with, and the Afrobeats scene is her playground.

Listen to Qing Madi (Deluxe) here.