It's 'Wara Wara Szn' as Zerrydl drops second EP


Following the captivating lead single O.U.A.T, Zerrydl wastes no time in unveiling his much-awaited second EP, Wara Wara Szn. The new release marks a significant moment in his artistic journey, it showcases his growth and solidifies his position as a a compelling storyteller within the Afrobeats scene.

Wara Wara Szn arrives hot on the heels of Zerrydl's acclaimed debut EP, Danger Zee, which introduced his unique talent to the music industry. This sophomore project builds upon that foundation, revealing a more mature and confident Zerrydl.

With six compelling tracks, Wara Wara Szn delves into a captivating narrative tapestry. Zerrydl's signature ability to weave personal experiences into relatable stories comes to life on every song. He effortlessly draws listeners into his world, captivating them with his unique storytelling ability.

The EP boasts a stellar lineup of guest appearances, each adding their own flavour to the mix. The presence of Seyi Vibez, Tega Boi Dc, and Dwillsharmony elevates the project, showcasing Zerrydl's collaborative prowess.

Production duties are handled primarily by Zerrydl's frequent collaborator, Dibs. Burssbrain also lends his production skills to the project, resulting in a sonically diverse and cohesive project. From infectious Afrobeats rhythms to captivating melodies, Wara Wara Szn offers a sonic course that complements Zerrydl's storytelling perfectly.

With Wara Wara Szn, Zerrydl solidifies his position as a voice to be reckoned with in the Afrobeats scene. With his captivating storytelling, infectious energy, and uniqueness, Zerrydl's future in the Nigerian music industry is very bright.

Listen to Wara Wara Szn here.