Seyi Vibez closes the year with new EP 'NAHAMciaga'


Seyi Vibez has undeniably emerged as a force to be reckoned with in recent times, reaching its pinnacle in 2023. Breaking any notion of musical dormancy that may have lingered in the air during the final quarter of the year, Seyi Vibez orchestrates a compelling comeback with yet another sonic revelation – a brand new EP entitled, Nahamciaga.

Seyi Vibez EP

Nahamaciaga EP cover
Nahamaciaga cover

Nahamciaga attests to Seyi Vibez's unwavering commitment to his craft. The EP, comprising five enthralling tracks, includes an intriguing Apala Interlude strategically positioned at its heart, designed to evoke a unique ambiance and stir the mood.

The genesis of the EP's title, Nahamciaga, unveils a connection to the artist's own musical roots. Inspired by the resounding phrase "na ham" that gained prominence in his earlier hit single, Chance, Seyi Vibez intricately weaves his narrative around this colloquial gem. Each track within the EP exhibits Seyi's ability to harness and transmute the essence of this catchphrase into an auditory journey that resonates with his audience.

Unveiling Nahamciaga, Lo'seyi sends ripples through the industry, signaling that he is poised to flourish the upcoming year with an unprecedented fervor. The EP serves as a declaration of his readiness to take 2024 by storm, just as he did in 2023.

Listen to the Nahamciaga EP here.

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Different Patterns
Apala interlude