Dremo resurfaces with new EP 'No Pressure'


Renowned for his versatility as a Nigerian rapper and singer, the highly gifted artist, Dremo, has finally unveiled his new EP titled, No Pressure.

Fans have been on the lookout for a Dremo project, and the wait has now come to an end as the EP finally lands.

Just a few weeks ago, Dremo tantalized us with a sneak peek into the brilliance of his upcoming project through the release of the captivating track, PESIN, featuring the collaborative efforts of DJ YK and Jerry Shaffer. The song was instantly met with mixed reviews and left fans expecting something better from the rapper.

Today, our musical appetites are not only satisfied but enriched, as No Pressure EP is accompanied by an additional four tracks (totalling five) that collectively form this impressive piece. This EP boasts Dremo's signature style and musical ingenuity.

One of the most exciting aspects of this EP is the inclusion of some esteemed guest appearances. Dremo has successfully collaborated with the talented 1da Banton, adding a touch of diversity and freshness to the project. Moreover, DJ YK and Jerry Shaffer, who previously showcased their brilliance in PESIN, have also been featured in some of the EP's tracks, further enhancing the musical tapestry.

No Pressure EP holds tremendous significance for Dremo as it marks his first proper body of work in three years since the release of his Codename Vol. 2 album in the year 2020. During this period, fans eagerly awaited new material from the gifted artist, and their patience has been rewarded with this exceptional EP.

With Dremo's artistic maturity and growth evident throughout the EP, listeners can anticipate a blend of captivating storytelling, enthralling beats, and thought-provoking lyrics. No Pressure is a testament to Dremo's resilience even with the setbacks he's met within the music industry.

Listen to No Pressure EP here.