DJ Neptune - 123 HipHop ft. M.I (Exclusive)


DJ Neptune - 123 HipHop ft. M.I (Exclusive)

These boys are not playing at all! As previously announced, DJ Neptune of RayPower 100FM and the Naija DJs Coalition is on the verge of breaking the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty by dropping an atomic weapon on the continent of Africa!
This is the 2nd single off his upcoming "EverBlazin' Da Mixtape" compilation featuring, M.I, the hottest rap name in the game since... God knows when.



For those who would be going to the Nigerian DJs Summer Jam event in Atlanta, DJ Neptune and a host of other top DJs will be on the 1's and 2's. Come out and mingle with the stars and the "star-makers." U miss it... u miss out!

Track produced by M.I.

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