Cyrus Tha Virus - Ovoranmen Boy ft Z.I.K & Chaolin | Special Gyal ft Z.I.K


Cyrus Tha Virus - Ovoranmen Boy ft Z.I.K & Chaolin | Special Gyal ft Z.I.K


"Everybody who knows their onions in the Nigerian Hiphop sphere will vouch that Cyrus tha virus has been the Champion of Edo hiphop and a protector of south south hiphop at large. he has never strayed, never betrayed the heartbeat of true south south rap music and what better way to remind you of his military mindset that reppin' hard for his region than a sure fire anthem recruiting two of Edo states most diabolical insane lyricist ZIK and CHAOLIN who have been buzzing in the hiphop underground all through 2016 in their crazy ethnic flow on a super volcanic trumpet driven flute spiced vehicular manslaughter of a beat cooked by South South freshest beast bangers UYIAZ ICE BEATZ and OSO, better strap on your seat belts and pledge allegiance to the south!!! you've heard how the igbos,yorubas,hausas spit hiphop in their languages, THIS is how the Edo people spit theirs!! THIS IS NOT HARD, THIS IS WHAT HARD should be on!!! South South anthem for 2017, surely!!

In 'Special Gyal'' , Cyrus takes us into that sultry ragga/world beat feel, a style he has never tried before and nails it in a tale of love, sensuality, seduction, admiration and affection for the beautiful women in our lives; it is a feel good, harmattan AND rainy season anthem dedicated to the rude gyalz, and independent sexy women, a story borne on a ZIK produced smooth flavour of a carribean masterpiece with additional vocal produced also by him. this is sure to spice up your lovers' rock playlists leaving your woman feeling all shades of mushy!"

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