Christiana releases her lead single 'On God' off Motherland EP


Christiana releases her lead single 'On God' off Motherland EP

Christiana releases her lead single 'On God' off Motherland EP. Motherland EP is a 6-track project which features 2 remixes of her Grandma's hit songs "She's A Woman" and "Let's Change the system".

Keeping up with her grandma’s legacy and her African roots, the 10-year-old girl is telling our African stories using her music, calling for reforms and change in Africa's faulty systems and advocating for gender equality. She believes that Africans are the only people who can liberate themselves from poverty through education and empowering the girl child.

Africans must pay the price to rebuild the continent, faulty institutions, our rich culture, and our history.

Stream Motherland EP here

"We must revive our strong family ties, the deep connection to our communities, and our pride in our African music, art, and dance. Our roots and our cultural diversity make us who we are. It makes us authentic, keeps us grounded and unique; so that as we interact with others and make international connections, we can build bridges of trust, respect, development, and understanding across cultures." Ubuntu I am only because we are.

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Christiana Igbokwe on "Motherland EP"

Stream Motherland EP here

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