Benita Okojie - Jesu N' Abba


Guess who's back delighting our ear buds, Its Benita Okojie!! I am sure you all remember when she was that cute sweet little girl singing 'Osemudiamen' to the wonderful amusement of the whole Nation. Her last known effort was 'We Ose' which was released back in 2010.

Well, She's all grown up now and here's her new song titled 'Jesu N'Abba'. Listening to this put a smile on my face and i could clearly picture those splendid moments from the 90's and also relate/compare them to how things are at the moment. I hope this is not the last we get to see of Benita, more of this please!

After a brief hiatus, The Child of God cum Woman of God, BENITA OKOJIE comes to the fore with a refreshing Gospel Classic titled JESU N'ABBA. 
JESU N'ABBA simply means "Jesus My Father" and as the title suggests, the song is simply about appreciating God for His daily mercies while also asking for continued protection and favour.
JESU N'ABBA is a gospel masterpiece that is spiritually filled and will speak directly to any listener. 

- Lalaboiy


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