Reminisce delivers 13-track album 'ATSG, Vol. 1'


Nigerian hip-hop veteran, Reminisce has, at long last, unveiled his highly anticipated album, bearing the title ATSG, Vol. 1, which intriguingly stands as an acronym for "Alaye To Se Gogo." Marking Reminisce's first full-length album release in seven years, ATSG, Vol. 1 undeniably cements the Ogun State native's esteemed status within the Nigerian music industry. The remarkable project seamlessly weaves together the raw, unfiltered insights of the streets with an eclectic assortment of musical genres.

In the track titled Rotate, Reminisce boldly incorporates traditional percussion elements, serving as a potent testament to his unwavering allegiance to the rich tapestry of Nigeria's indigenous music. The fusion of modern hip-hop sensibilities with age-old rhythms underscores the artist's commitment to preserving and celebrating his cultural heritage.

Diving deeper into the album, Reminisce displays his signature versatility as he effortlessly navigates the vibrant soundscape of Afropop in the track, Shina Peters. Here, he effortlessly rides the waves of the genre, demonstrating his dexterity in seamlessly blending with various musical styles, making it abundantly clear that he's not confined by the boundaries of a single genre.

The track, Recycle, provides a stark contrast, as Reminisce unapologetically delivers hard-hitting truths over a captivating boom-bap beat. His lyrical prowess shines through as he delves into topics of societal significance, reminding listeners of his enduring relevance in the world of hip-hop.

The LP takes yet another intriguing turn in the track Olu Maintain, as Reminisce brings together a formidable ensemble of talent, including Powpeezy, Dremo, and ODUMODUBLVCK. The result is a lyrical extravaganza, set against a backdrop of drill basslines that leaves a mark, showcasing Reminisce's ability to curate unforgettable collaborative moments.

ATSG, Vol. 1 boasts a total of thirteen tracks, each a unique sonic journey, offering a comprehensive listening experience. It's worth noting that Reminisce also enlists the talents of other prominent artists to enhance the depth and diversity of the project. Guest appearances by the likes of Olamide, Odumodublvck, Mayorkun, BNXN, and more infuse additional layers of creativity and perspective into the album, ensuring that every track is a piece of the larger musical puzzle that is Reminisce's ATSG, Vol. 1.

Listen to ATSG, Vol. 1 album here.