Afro Fusion sensation Ikayh drops new music, 'Abeg' & 'Dangerous'


Afro Fusion sensation Ikayh is set to mesmerise music lovers with his latest releases, "Abeg" and Dangerous.

These two singles showcase his distinctive sound and lyrical prowess, offering listeners a unique musical experience.

In Abeg, Ikayh delves into themes of self-love, independence, and living life on his own terms. The song's first verse explores the complexities of a relationship where he finds himself competing for affection. However, as the track unfolds, Ikayh ultimately emphasises the importance of self-love and pursuing one's own happiness.

Dangerous takes a different musical direction, with Ikayh serenading a captivating and enigmatic woman from Canary Wharf, London. The song paints a vivid picture of her allure and irresistible charm, as he's willing to go to any lengths to win her over. The melodies and lyrics come together to create a seductive and entrancing atmosphere.

Ikayh's Afro-Fusion style infuses these tracks with a dynamic blend of African and contemporary influences, ensuring they resonate with a wide range of music enthusiasts.

Ikayh shared his excitement about the release, saying, "I wanted to bring something fresh and relatable to my fans. Abeg and Dangerous are about love, self-discovery, and the exhilaration of desire. I hope these songs touch your hearts and keep you grooving."

Stream Abeg & Dangerous below