'Whatever you do will always be a sub genre of Afrobeats' - Dammy Krane slams Wizkid


Renowned Nigerian singer, Dammy Krane has taken to social media to express his disapproval of Wizkid's recent remarks distancing himself from the Afrobeats label.

Wizkid, a highly acclaimed artist, recently made statements asserting that he creates music across various genres, not solely confined to Afrobeats. He emphasized that categorizing him as an Afrobeats artist would limit his artistic expression.

Reacting to Wizkid's stance, Dammy Krane voiced his disagreement on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, firmly asserting that Wizkid will always be associated with Afrobeats regardless of his attempts to distance himself from the genre. In a social media post, Dammy Krane referenced Wizkid's hit song Essence and questioned Wizkid's attempt to rebrand himself as an RnB artist.

In his words, “Ex Nigerian singer Wizkid sang Essence and he now says he is not An Afrobeats artiste again that he is now an RNB artiste, Wizkid that is your father’s business whatever you do will always be A Sub Genre of Afrobeats.”

Dammy Krane's remarks reflect a broader conversation within the music industry regarding the classification and evolution of artists' styles. Wizkid's assertion of exploring diverse musical genres has sparked debate among fans and fellow artists alike, with Dammy Krane's critique adding to the discourse surrounding artists' identities within the Afrobeat landscape.