Watch Tiwa Savage Talk About What Women Want In Bed & Dealing With Yeast Infection

Tiwa Savage talk about Sex in this educative video

Tiwa Savage Taking shots

With the global pandemic of Coronavirus keeping even celebrities at home, Tiwa Savage has expressed how boring such restriction has made her and if there is one way she is dealing with this boredom, it is talking to her fans about sex and sexual issues with her friends, Iceberg Slim and Traffic, what women want and what men have to stop doing.

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According to Tiwa Savage,  men have believed the myth that women like it when they have big p*n*s and the singer revealed that it is not true, instead, women prefer when men understand what to do with their average-sized p*n*ses rather than "reach for the throat with their big-sized" third leg.

She also talked about women being clean and taking care of their Privates, opening up further about Yeast infection and things women should do to not just protect themselves from having one but how to also treat it when they do.

Watch Tiwa Savage talk about Sex in this Educative Video


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