Victoria Kimani Calls Out Music Promoter, PaulO, Says He Turned Her Against Tiwa

Victoria Kimani

Victoria Kimani

Victoria Kimani has revealed that her recent attacks towards Tiwa Savage are not coming from nowhere, rather, they're coming from a place of anger that has been supposedly placed by music promoter, Paul Okoye, popularly known as Paul O, from the information he allegedly gave her concerning Tiwa Savage.

This was revealed on Friday, 5th of April as Victoria Kimani commented on Paul Okoye's post on Instagram.

Paul Okoye had posted a video of Oprah Winfrey which talks about support and hate and according to Paul Okoye's caption, it was posted to support Tiwa Savage in the rise of her issue with Victoria Kimani. According to Paul O's caption, he had told Tiwa he knows how hard she works and how much she earns all she has.

This is for you Tiwa, I've been around and seen how much you work hard for over 9 years... African woman VIP

Victoria Kimani reacted to this post by saying;

Sir Paul O, weren't you the one telling us the girl was tryna to get ugirlsks off the shows??? Kinda hard to like someone who hates other women making strides on their own... we all work hard as fvck...  and as you know... some of us are working hard without sleeping our way to the top... (you know this first hand) most girls afraid to speak up but not me... anywho... carry on...

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