Reactions Trail Victoria Kimani's Attack On YCEE & Tiwa, Calls Her "Blackface"

Victoria Kimani

Victoria Kimani

Reactions are presently trailing Victoria Kimani's #Fvckyouchallenge which was released on Wednesday, the 3rd of April, 2019.


The Kenyan artiste's challenge is a direct diss to both Nigerian artistes, Ycee and Tiwa Savage whom Victoria Kimani has called lyric stealer and "African bad gyal


Basically I gotta say fuck you to a lot of Niggas,

also fvck you to a lot of hoes

(This shit might get me into a lot of trouble)

Fvck you Ycee, coz I ain't trying to vex for nobody,

Took my juice took my sauce

You stealing lyrics never giving credit

You disrespectful Nigga run my check

I say fvck you nigga yea I said it

Next time you try7 it got my goons on deck

Oh yea

Grandma African bad gyal

Turning 45... still think that you a bad girl

You can block me for a show but you can block His blessings

We all know you selling pu$$y and it's so depressing

Whoa and it's so depressing

Whoa, you so fvcking messy

Fvck you all ma haters, I know I'm the baddest..."


These lyrics, which to fans, feel more like slander than anything are being highly criticised as Twitter users state that Victoria Kimani is seeking attention by trying to be another Blackface and also implying that Tiwa is whoring herself in the Nigerian music industry is a proof that women are the ones that bring down their fellow women.

There has been a never-ending conversation in the Nigerian music industry about the support female artistes give themselves and underlying bitterness that nobody gets to see. One artiste whose name has been recurrent in this conversation has been Tiwa Savage with many implying that she does not support other women in the industry like she does the men but Victoria Kimani has brought in a new twist to the beef, implying that Tiwa Savage has blocked her from a show before.

From the reactions so far, the major concentration on the beef has been Kimani's shot at Tiwa's age, which a lot of people criticized as a woman taking a shot at another woman. which is totally wrong.

Here are the reactions;



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