Victony opens up about heartbreak experience


Nigerian singer Victony has shared a personal and emotional account of his heartbreak experience.

Victony on his heartbreak experience, revealed how his ex-girlfriend's secret relationship with another man left him feeling angry, betrayed, and foolish.

While in a podcast appearance on "The Chinasa Anukam Show", Victony opened up about the painful experience. He stated that his ex-girlfriend had lied to him about the nature of her relationship with another man. Despite his initial trust and open-mindedness, Victony discovered that his ex-girlfriend was having an affair with the man, who she had claimed was just a friend.

Meanwhile, Victony expressed his hurt and confusion, saying, "She was talking to this other guy, and I was aware. She was telling me about this other guy. Me, very open-minded, I was like, this guy was just her friend… But his name just always came up. And I would be like, what kind of friend is this one?"

Additionally, the singer revealed that the heartbreak occurred during his teenage years, when he was still quite young and vulnerable. Also, he admitted, "At the end of the day, it turned out he was not her friend. That was very mad because when I realised everything that was going on, I felt very stupid."

However, Victony's vulnerability and honesty have resonated with fans, who appreciate his willingness to share his personal struggles and emotions.

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