Victony blesses chess player, Yhung T with 2 million


Nigerian musician Victony has made life-changing impact on a talented chess player named Yhung T. 

The story unfolded when chess enthusiast and philanthropist, Tunde Onakoya, invited Victony to his academy in Ikorodu. According to Onakoya's tweet, Victony was rather impressed by Yhung T’s musical talent.

Apparently, Victony then provided Yhung T with a staggering 2 million naira. He also gave him a music recording deal worth 3,000 dollars. Additionally, Yhung T will receive a free music video and a 6-month paid internship at The Plug Agency.

Tunde Onakoya also posted a video showcasing Victony and Yhung T performing together. They performed Victony’s hit song Jaga Jaga. The artist recently released his debut album that's doing numbers on charts.