"They Judge Me A Lot... I Just Want To Live!" - Tiwa Savage


Nigerian pop star, Tiwa Savage has revealed that she is aware of the fact that people judge her a lot and come for her because of her opinions and dressing.

This was recently revealed in her tour in London and posted on Instagram by Tiwa. The singer clad in her sexy costumes stated that she is being judged a lot for things she has little control over and even though she doesn't want to be controversial, people still find her as such. She went further to state that the shorts she wears for performances are clothing she likes to wear and while she doesn't know they exposed her butt, she still likes wearing them.

Tiwa Savage, in this statement, said she would appreciate it if she can be all she is and still live; If she can be a mother, singer, a woman and still be as sexy as "f**k"

She said;

Because you know they judge me a lot right ... They misunderstand me, I don't want to be controversial, I just like the shorts, the black shorts. I didn't know it was all cut out and my bumbum was out. I don't want you guys to judge me, I just want to live! I just want to ... as a Nigerian woman, as an African woman and I can be rich, successful, I can still have a little fun... and I can do all of those things and still be sexy as f**k"