Tems and American producer, ATL Jacob involved in an online scuffle


Nigerian singer, Tems, known for her low-key presence, recently engaged in a public dispute with renowned American producer, ATL Jacob, alongside her manager Muyiwa Awoniyi.

This surprising online argument surprised a lot of people because Tems is not known for getting involved in controversies before now.

Taking to social media (X) on Thursday, January 18, 2024, Tems, who opened up about being bullied for her voice while growing up, accused ATL Jacob of spreading lies. She claimed that he falsely said she didn't want to clear her original song, 'Higher,' which played a part in their Grammy-winning track, 'Wait for You.' Additionally, she alleged that ATL Jacob lied about Drake initiating the clearance call and suggested she didn't need to thank him for their Grammy victory.

Backing up Tems' claims, her manager, Muyiwa Awoniyi affirmed that the producer's statements were fabrications and suggested that those around ATL Jacob should check his credibility, hinting at a potential tendency for pathological lying.

In his defense, ATL Jacob challenged Tems and her manager to provide evidence of when he spoke negatively about her for a wire check. Tems countered by promising to double the money if he stopped making untrue statements about her.

It is important to note that ATL Jacob played a crucial role as the producer for Tems' Grammy-winning song, which also featured renowned American artists Drake and Future. The dispute has sparked interest within the music industry, bringing attention to unforeseen conflicts behind the scenes.