Shallipopi's surprising link-up with Trippie Redd sparks speculation


Nigerian singer Shallipopi has made headlines again for his unexpected association with American rapper Trippie Redd.

A viral video shows Shallipopi posing with Trippie Redd and engaging in a "puff and pass" session, sparking concern among fans and fans.

Trippie Redd, known for his song Bigger Than Satan and distinctive 666 eyelids tattoo, has faced accusations of devil worship in the past, which he has denied.

Despite this, the collaboration has raised eyebrows, with many expressing worries about Shallipopi's involvement with the controversial rapper.

Lastly, the unexpected link-up has fueled speculation and debate in the music industry. Fans and critics alike are watching closely to see what emerges from this unexpected partnership.

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