Bloody Civilian reveals why she is jealous of Shallipopi's success


Nigerian singer, Bloody Civilian, born Emoseh Khamofu, has made a surprising revelation about her jealousy for her colleague Shallipopi's success.

While in a recent chat with media personality Susan Pwajok and others, Bloody Civilian confessed to having a "little secret jealousy" towards Shallipopi's achievements.

Meanwhile, when asked to elaborate, Bloody Civilian humorously stated, "I am jealous of Shallipopi's success; he is living the life I deserve." Her comment was followed by a burst of laughter, indicating a lighthearted tone.

However, this unexpected admission has sparked a mix of reactions from fans and industry insiders. While some were praising Bloody Civilian's honesty, others expressed surprise at her candidness.

Despite the jealousy, Bloody Civilian's statement also acknowledges Shallipopi's hard work and success. Lastly, this shows a sense of admiration and respect for her colleague's accomplishments.

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