Shallipopi advises fans to take breaks from smoking


In a recent social media post, popular Nigerian singer Shallipopi offered some sage advice to his fans who smoke.

Responding to a comment that asked how he feels since he's not smoking, Shallipopi revealed that he is currently on a break from smoking himself.

“Shallipopi is a bad influence, he has taught Rema how to smoke," fellow Nigerian artist Olamide had previously commented, highlighting concerns over Shallipopi's smoking habits. However, Shallipopi's latest message seems to indicate a shift in his approach.

"You should take breaks too," Shallipopi told his fans, encouraging them to step away from smoking periodically. He acknowledged that he is currently on his own break, setting a positive example for his followers.

Shallipopi's advice comes at a time when many are increasingly aware of the health risks associated with smoking.