Sarz explains why he doesn't have a song with Davido


Sarz, the producer, recently shared insights into why he and Davido haven't collaborated.

Award-winning Nigerian producer Sarz known as "Sarz on the Beat" in an interview with Cool FM debunked the public perception of his refusal to collaborate with Davido, the producer revealed that he has worked with Davido but none of the records has come out.

Sarz further revealed that there isn't any known conflict between them but the absence of a significant collaboration between them may be attributed to their individual creative choices, schedules, and their respective visions, however, there's a huge difference between their work styles, Sarz said "I think the way he works and the way I work are very different" he also said, "with David there are always so many people, and I'm very used to working with the artist and maybe am two other people, when there are two many people I can't concentrate".