Samklef slams Portable for abrupt tour cancellation


After Portable publicly expressed his support for Seun Kuti, music producer Samklef has criticized singer Portable for ending his international tour early.

In a scathing Instagram Live video, Samklef questioned Portable's motives and professionalism. "Why are you rushing back to Nigeria?" Samklef demanded. "You just cancelled your tour without giving a valid reason. Are you tired of paying hotel fees?" He said this after Portable butt in on his controversy with Seun Kuti.

Also, Samklef and Seun Kuti have been at loggerheads for weeks now. They exchanged insults, and then Portable had a live session to slam Samklef in support of Seun Kuti. This has raised eyebrows among fans.

After Samklef's allegation, fans have raised questions about Portable's tour. Portable's alleged reason for his cancellation remains unclear. The artist has yet to give any explanations or context to Samklef's statement.