Portable defends Seun Kuti, blasts Samklef in heated live session


Nigerian singer Portable has come to the defense of Afrobeat artist Seun Kuti, lashing out at music producer Samklef for his criticism of Seun Kuti.

While in a live session, Portable joined Samklef's broadcast and unleashed a scathing attack on him, condemning his actions and language towards Seun Kuti.

Portable slammed Samklef, stating that his music career was dead and wondering why he couldn't revive it. Also, he asked if Samklef's hands were broken, preventing him from creating music. Additionally, Portable warned Samklef that disrespecting his elders would lead to his juniors treating him with similar disdain.

However, before exiting the live session, Portable praised Seun Kuti, emphasizing that he should be treated with respect. Meanwhile, this development has sparked a heated debate in the Nigerian music industry, with fans and fellow artists taking sides.

Lastly, the situation continues to unfold, with many commending Portable for standing up for Seun Kuti and others criticizing the manner in which he addressed the producer.

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