Ric Hassani Creates Soundtrack to David Oyelowo's New Movie 'The Water Man'


Nigerian singer, Ric Hassani will be a major part of Nigerian Hollywood actor, Davido Oyelowo's new movie, 'The Water Man'.

Ric Hassani Creates Soundtrack to David Oyewole's New Movie 'The Water Man'

Ric Hassani and David Oyewole

The R&B singer made the announcement on Twitter on the 29th of July 2020, appreciating God for his faithfulness after exclusive photos from the movie was publicized by America's People Magazine.

Although the movie is still in production, Ric Hassani revealed he has already created the song for the movie.

He said;

"God's faithfulness. I created the music for David Oyelowo's new movie. Isn't that incredible?"