Portable reportedly seizes Young Duu’s car amid Zeh Nation woes


Nigerian musician and label owner Portable has reportedly made good on his promise by seizing the car of one of his signees, Young Duu.

The controversy began when Portable, known for his energetic Afrobeat tunes, expressed his frustration in a video about Young Duu's lacklustre performance in generating revenue for the label.

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According to Portable, the young artist had only managed to bring in a meagre 70,000 Naira, falling far short of expectations. He made mention of buying a 3 million naira car for an artist who can bring in only 70,000 naira

In a recent twist, a conversation between Portable and Young Duu has emerged, revealing the label owner's demand for the return of the car he had previously gifted to the artist.

Young Duu, visibly disheartened, was subsequently seen getting onto a commercial motorbike, a stark contrast to his earlier status as a car owner.

This incident has raised important questions about the dynamics between artists and their record labels, particularly the pressures placed on emerging talents to meet revenue expectations. It also highlights the precarious nature of the entertainment industry, where success can be elusive and the consequences of falling short of expectations can be severe.

Fans and industry insiders are now closely watching how this controversy unfolds and what it means for the careers of both Portable and Young Duu. It serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by young artists in the music industry and the importance of open communication and support between labels and their signees.