Portable to reclaim cars from his artists if they decide to leave his label


Portable is making headlines for a statement about the cars he bought for his fellow artists signed to his label, Zeh Nation.

Portable, known for his unique style and energetic performances, recently bragged that the cars his signees are cruising around in are actually his property, not theirs!

In a video that quickly went viral, Portable proudly proclaimed himself as the only star on his team. He even added that if any of his signees decided to part ways with his label, he'd be taking those cars back.

He said, “Nkan ti mo ra fun yin ni mo ma gba kia kia …” This translates to “What i have bought for you is what I will collect back quickly...”

Naturally, this has sparked quite a stir online. Many netizens found Portable's words to be amusing, and the entire situation has sparked much debate.

Some are wondering if it's just a clever public relations stunt, while others are taking it seriously and debating the rights and responsibilities of musicians and labels in the music industry.

What is clear is that Portable Zazu has created quite a stir, and his words have everyone talking.